ENERGY INDEPENDENCE = SAVINGS + SECURITY + SUSTAINABILITYChoosing solar energy for your business is one of the smartest business investments you can make. Why? Because solar energy gets your business to energy independence, which means savings, security, and sustainability for your company. At Kurios Energy, our commercial solar package begins immediate savings, many times without upfront costs.Learn more about becoming Energy Independent

ENERGY SAVINGS: One of your biggest priorities is to keep your bottom line profitable. Solar energy is one of the leading, most practical investments a business can make to control electricity rates and increase bottom line revenue. And, at Kurios Energy, meeting your business goals is one of our biggest priorities. In many of our client’s cases, we start saving your business money year one. By taking advantage of large government incentives and MACRS deprecation, you can also get as much as 70% of the system cost paid for!For a free executive summary of your business’ savings and project analysis, click here.

SECURITY: Solar provides long-term security for your business. By leveling your cost of energy and hedging against rising energy costs, you can ensure electricity rates that are secure for many years to come. Since electricity rates have gone up every year for the past several decades by 6 – 8%, you can be sure that electricity rates will continue to rises. However, with Kurios Energy, energy production can be a fixed cost simply by having us design and install your solar system today. Learn more about securing electrical rates for the future of your business.

SUSTAINABILITY: Extensive interest is growing due to greater global and economic concern for sustainability. Solar energy is a great step toward making your business sustainable. The process is simple – we work with you to not only install a solar system that generates your own electricity, making you sustainable and energy independent, but also evaluating your entire energy portfolio, to maximize your energy efficiency. Learn more about becoming sustainable with solar.

We want to make sure that your experience of going solar with your commercial or industrial business is seamless and easy. We know that every business is different. That’s why our commercial solar power team works with business owners to oversee your entire project from start to finish with a single point of contact and accountability. We strive towards installing high quality solar energy systems with uncompromising service. And we’ll maximize the efficiency of your solar system by choosing the best commercial and industrial solar equipment from top-rated manufacturers to meet your unique needs. Kurios Energy customizes solar energy solutions. Our knowledgeable commercial solar consultants will begin analyzing your potential savings today!